Textiles are cool.

Seriously. Textiles are cool. They enhance and protect our bodies. They encase and decorate the cushioning in our furniture. They soften the blow of our steps on the floor. They insulate windows from light and heat and cold. They can keep you from plummeting to your death and instead let you hang in the air. They can be coerced into the shape of a shelter that can be de-framed to fit on your back. They can be inflated to keep you from smashing to pieces when impacting a planet’s surface. They can be hung from a post to move a boat. They can be impregnated with resin to become a hardened shape. They can stop bullets. They can make you faster and stronger. They can hold you together. They can hold earth together.

Impressive stuff, textiles.

So here it is: I’m starting a blog about the textiles that fascinate and impress me. Its a place to collect links to cool textiles and writings about them. Its my interest, so there will be plenty on technical, structural, athletic, outdoor, architectural, and futuristic textiles. There might be some looks back at textile history, some commentary, and some criticism. Mostly though, I plan to celebrate textiles that are cool and/or used in a cool way.

Stay Tuned.

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2 Responses to Textiles are cool.

  1. ruth morrow says:

    Hi Seth
    Just found your blog – really great stuff – do you smith your own textiles? – can you send a link? best from http://www.tactilityfactory.com

    • Seth Winner says:

      Thanks so much. My ‘smithing’ happens at a computer and I let the mills make it for me. Go to Studioztextiles.com (updating the site soon) to see some of what we do.

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