Warren Seelig: Oculus

Warren Seelig sent these photos of his current installation at the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Maine. Titled Oculus, this installation is in the rotunda of the museum and is constructed of thousands of strands of monofilament intersecting in harmony to form a circular opening beneath the windows.

The play of light from the windows against the structure of the monofilament plane is the draw of this piece, and turns it into a kind of time piece with a sundial action which is informed by a mathematical astronomical nautical language. Is this a kind of spiritual lighthouse? I’m reminded of James Turrell’s Houston Meeting House in the way it uses light in a meditative way.

Warren promises documentation of a time lapse flavor, which will be a video taken over a 24 hour period when the full moon is in play. Perhaps we’ll see that here if you all are good.

Oculus is part of the exhibition Four in Maine: Site Specific. (Be sure to check out the online exhibition catalog.)

More photos Here.

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