Ngrams for the Textile Nerds.

Here for your amusement and conversation are some Textile related Google Book Ngrams. Discuss.

I found it interesting that in the first Ngram for Dobby vs. Jacquard, ‘dobby’ doesn’t pick up until the differentiation is made necessary by the invention of the Jacquard Loom.

Here’s another surprise to me: I expected to see a sharp rise in Knit at the end of the woven vs knit Ngram. Quite the opposite, actually.

Next, adding Lace into the Mix. I attempted some variations of Non-wovens, but they all flat-lined. I also tried felt, which was off the charts, and does not always mean what you want it to mean.

Here’s one for the Handweaver’s Guilds.

Let’s beat the Art vs Craft vs Design horse some more. As we can all see, design wins in the end.

And finally, Fiber vs. Textile. Fiber may have the upper hand for now…

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