Coming Attractions

Two months ago I started this Blog thinking that I would fill a hole in Textile Blogging; namely: Things Seth is interested in. Now that I’ve been at it, and a few months have passed, I thought I’d take a look forward as to what I could be blogging about in the coming year.

I’m already finding my list of bookmarks growing faster than I can find time read through them, much less than try to write about them all, so I’ll try to pick and choose my battles.

So here are some things I’m playing with in my head as potential topics to research and regurgitate for your perusal: (in no particular order of importance or priority)

  • Manuel Rivera’s architectural wire screen compositions.
  • Jacquard constructed product.
  • Constructed Surfaces.
  • Deciphering textile trade names
  • The much maligned, but ubiquitous Polyester: From Leisure Suit to Restaurant Uniform to Performance Athletic Wear
  • Feel-good green-washing for your textiles.
  • Textiles used as lead actors in furniture design.
  • The power of plain weave.
  • Deflected picks.
  • Dead Picks, Tissue Picks, and Stop Motions.
  • Specialty looms; piles, loops, leno, and shapes.
  • Inflatable textiles
  • The history of tents
  • Mechanically shaped textiles.
  • Textile Design that blows my mind or makes me jealous
  • Topographical Textiles
  • Architectural Textiles
  • Textiles and Maps
  • Debate: Are Roads non-woven textiles made of asphalt and concrete? Yes or No.
  • How to dress for 45 degrees and drizzle on a bike – or – how many $100 garments do I have to buy to survive a season of riding?
  • Performance Textiles – or – how to legally dress like a superhero and get away with it.
  • Textiles in Space

That list is by no means complete nor will I actually write about all of them, but is more of an extra loosely specific template. I also fully expect to get distracted by current textile events and items of interest that are sent to me, which will just keep the content fresh and unplanned, I hope.

Its been a tough decade for American Textile Manufacturing, but there is still a ton of innovation happening out there and the strong have survived. I will continually be looking for the invention and ingenuity that keep textiles interesting to me. Nano technology, spider silk, solar textiles, e-textiles… there’s a lot of innovation happening, and I’m optimistic that there is more interesting work to be done in textiles than making the looms run more efficiently… or coming up with the next great regurgitated pattern… or deciding the hue of red that is the hot new color: ‘depths of hell’ which will define fashion in 2011…

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