Pink sticky confinement

Harry Guild, where the hell are you? This one’s for you.

On the outside, it’s an unassuming, wood paneled, shed-like box. On the inside, it’s a room straight out of Willy Wonka with walls covered in hot pink cotton candy, free for the eating. New York-based artist Jennifer Rubell created the piece of edible art, “Padded Cell,” for Performa Arts’ Red Party back in November. The freestanding 8-by-16 foot room is constructed from basic building materials with a single door. Inside, the walls and ceiling are padded with 1,600 cones of cotton candy, illuminated by a single light bulb. [via inhabit]

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1 Response to Pink sticky confinement

  1. Matt says:

    More important question is where did my mustard jar go?

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