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Lanny Bergner

My guess is that Lanny Bergner has thick fingertips after all his years of cutting, twisting and bending wire screen. I’ve worked with wire screen and its a bloody affair. So I’m imagining that ‘aha’ moment where he thought “this … Continue reading

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Girli Concrete

I love this textile patterned concrete from Girli Concrete, which is a R&D project of the Tactility Factory in Belfast, Ireland. What’s really interesting here is that the fabric has been embedded into the surface of the concrete to both … Continue reading

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Sharkskin, Herringbone, and Houndstooth

I’m currently going through a mid-life clothing crisis. I’m dressing a little too… frumpy, sloppy, casual. Its not that I don’t want to look stylish, its that I’m lazy about dressing and given the choice between the old comfy knit … Continue reading

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Textile Book Club: Reference Materials

I love a well organized reference book that is industry specific. I can page through Electrical and Plumbing manuals with fascination and pleasure the way i can read Atlases and Travel guides cover to cover. I recently spent hours paging … Continue reading

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For the longest time I believed a sharkskin suit was actually made from sharkskin. What did I know? I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. I eventually figured it out. Sharkskin does show up in textiles often as a point of … Continue reading

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Lexus 3-D weaving

They oversell the technology a bit, it looks like they’re braiding tubes but the implication is they are weaving cars. Maybe they can’t show all of the technology for fear of idea theft, but it looks like they bought a … Continue reading

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Aerial Landscapes: Gerco de Ruijter

There is something otherworldly about Gerco de Ruijter’s Photographs. The patterns he captures from the Dutch landscape show a strange natural beauty in the regulated agriculture of the nurseries he documents. 

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