Lexus 3-D weaving

They oversell the technology a bit, it looks like they’re braiding tubes but the implication is they are weaving cars. Maybe they can’t show all of the technology for fear of idea theft, but it looks like they bought a nice piece of braiding equipment and are marketing it as their invention.

Its still an awesome piece of textile equipment and a mesmerizing video.

[via Extreme Craft]

Update: I must now embarrassedly admit that I mis-identified this equipment as weaving equipment… Sorry, no, it’s braiding machinery. Of that I am now certain.

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2 Responses to Lexus 3-D weaving

  1. Anir says:

    Glad you shared this. This is like kumihimo on a huge scale. Basically braiding or like some basket making. It’s always interesting to me how folks like to take something that has been around for ages and claim they invented it–as you say–when basically they just adapted it for their particular use–amping up the technology. Still it’s pretty neat how they are using these carbon braids as under-structure for a auto frame.

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