Milestones and Benchmarks

Sometime last night or in the wee early hours of this morning, Textilesmithing reached 5000 clicks during this, its 6th month of existence. Its a Milestone, big for now, hopefully a speed bump in the future looking back. Its been fun watching this thing grow, and I’d like to thank everyone that’s been supportive and everyone that has shared this site and its posts with others and everyone that came to this site without even knowing me. Thank You.

WordPress keeps track of a lot of fun stuff like what search terms get you to the site, what people are looking at, and what people are sharing. (they don’t tell me much about who is doing all this, so your identities still remain anonymous)

Interestingly, the top search that gets people to this site is for an architect: Felix Candela. Funny that the post The Art of Structure is one of the largest pieces of bait on the site. (i’ll take it) The second most popular search is for my Undergraduate Professor: Warren Seelig. He was an early supporter and kindly provided me with the imagery for an early post: Warren Seelig: Oculus. Third most popular is a search for Textile Concrete, which was a new discovery for me and has opened some interesting search possibilities which led to the posts Textile Concrete Formwork and Girli Concrete. (and Don, I do plan on using the wealth of textile concrete info you sent me…)

On the Post popularity front, not counting the Home page, the most popular is The Art of Structure, again. The second most popular was a video of a circular weaving machine: Lexus 3-D Weaving. (note to self, more video. People like video) The third most popular was one that was a lot of fun to write: Sharkskin, Herringbone, and Houndstooth. (I still want to follow this up with a post about Seersucker. Because its a ton of fun to say. Seersucker-Seersucker-Seersucker)

What more to do? I’ve got a list. Its growing. So stay tuned. I’m going to slow down a bit over the summer months to do projects and make stuff and play outside, but who knows, I said last week I’d slow down and here I am with my 4th post in two weeks…

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1 Response to Milestones and Benchmarks

  1. Well done, this year we plan to send pre-made textile shapes through the post, far from
    any where, with the exception of a postal service people can create a hand on business.

    Here in South Africa we are “holding thumbs” on a tender for structural decor additions to a theater nearing completion in Soweto, light weight mouldings, are required, CemPly is 85% the mass / m2 of aluminum [equal thickness!] and 1/10th the price.

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