Warren Seelig: University of Lexington

Warren Seelig sent these images of the work he and Sherrie Gibson installed at the University of Lexington just last week. This was too good not to share.

The first thing that came to mind was ‘precarious tension’ because these massive graceful mechanical forms seem on the verge of action, about to let loose their potential energy and turn on their pivots in a pendulum action. I can imagine the satisfying groan they would release if they ever turned on those axis, metal on metal, propelled by gravity.

If you are unfamiliar with Warren’s work or are looking for more, you should check out his web site: warrenseelig.com

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1 Response to Warren Seelig: University of Lexington

  1. Warren Seelig’s project has the abstract feel of a being assembled water wheel, its main
    feature is the way it plays with light, because the open frame carries ribbons of textile.
    A spherical mirror reflecting light would bring it to life…Don

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