Career Change!

A personal update today: I just finished week number two at my new position as a Textile Design Engineer at Secant Medical. While I’d love to pontificate lengthily about what I’ll be making in this new opportunity, I’ll be pretty much keeping it under my hat out of respect for confidentiality and the fact that I prefer to not talk directly about my work. In a nutshell: I’ll be designing woven, knit, and braided textile surgical implants and it’s wildly different than designing jacquards for office furniture. I’m alternately excited and overwhelmed… Challenged for sure.

So it’s a slight hiatus here at textilesmithing as I get settled into my new position and new location. (goodbye, Michigan. hello again, Pennsylvania) Please stay tuned though. It won’t be long until I need to write again about the textiles that excite and inspire me.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Congratulations Seth. I hope that once you’re settled in, you can talk about your work with an eye towards expanding people’s ideas of the variety of worthwhile career paths within textiles. Textiles, it’s more than just another pretty face :).

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