Medina Haram Piazza

In the city of Medina, the lunar cycles have been slowly advancing the time of the pilgrimage to Al-Masjid al-Nabawi from autumn to summer. In anticipation of that change, this stunning umbrella system was crafted to protect the pilgrims from the oppressive summer sun.

There are 260 of these umbrellas that overlap so tightly that they are programmed to open in a staggered sequence. This has been told to resemble a field of flowers opening.

Its refreshing to see tensile architectural structures that are patterned and complementary of the surroundings. Often these kinds of structures are architecturally stunning but scream of PVC fabric and aluminum rigging. This transcends that look of engineering and becomes a part of the richly patterned environment to great effect.

via Architectural Record and Fabric Structures Association 

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  1. Anna says:

    beautiful, thanks for a great article, anna

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