Extra planar textiles

It’s been a while, I know. Its not that I don’t have anything to say on this blog, it’s that I have so much to do. I know, it sounds like excuses, and it is, i know. However, it has been an enlightening year where I’ve learned more about structure, biology, chemistry, physiology and intellectual property than this brain can hold. It’s good… but I feel like I’ve abandoned this blog. I’m sorry.

I’ll just say this: I’ve been learning from masters of their craft. I’ve been allowed the privilege of gleaning knowledge from technicians that can intuitively and scientifically conjure and trick textiles into behaving like organized structures on the loom. I’ve learned that there is more to weaving than the binary code of the draft or the pattern. There is tension, balance and weight. Just when you think you’ve mastered the complexity, another layer is exposed and your pursuit of virtuosity is postponed. All I know is that you never ever stop learning and this is a good thing.

In the learning vein, I’m off to Aachen, Germany tomorrow for the Fourth World Conference on 3D Fabrics and Their Applications, where there is the likely hood I’ll have a nerdgasm. This is textilesmithing on the production and conceptual level. It is the exploration of how to exploit current machines or build new machines to create textile structures that are beyond the traditional single plane textiles. If you are going to be there, please give me a shout and we’ll talk textilesmithing.

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