Seth Winner is a Textile Designer, Artist and Craftsman who recently returned to Pennsylvania to take on the challenge of designing woven, knit, and braided textiles for surgical implants at Secant Medical. His previous 15 years were spent as a Designer with Studio Z Textiles, where he specialized in Jacquard Wovens for Vertical Surface and Upholstery for the Contract Furniture Industry. He has a fascination with the three dimensionality of textiles and has been working with multilayer wovens to innovate new textile product. As an avid Biker, Kayaker, Cross Country Skier, Hiker and outdoor equipment junkie, he has a vested interest in performance textiles.

Seth has an MFA in Fibers Textilesmithing from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA in Fibers Textilesmithing from Philadelphia College of Art.

‘Textilesmithing’ is a term that started as a pun/joke during his time spent at Cranbrook. Jealous of the terms ‘Blacksmithing’ ‘Goldsmithing’ and ‘Silversmithing’, Seth took it upon himself to rename the Fiber Department to the Department of Textilesmithing, to imply a deeper connection to the act of actually making textiles. It didn’t take. But the idea didn’t go away and there was even an attempt by a Blacksmith to re-brand Fibers as Lintsmithing. Thankfully that didn’t take, either.

Why did I start this Blog? Read my first entry.


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