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Akiko Ikeuchi

Akiko Ikeuchi creates vast delicate geometric volumes out of knotted thread. Advertisements

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Sayed Alavi: Flying Carpet

Sayed Alavi’s Flying Carpet installation at the Sacramento Airport combines many things that excite me: Mapping, Textiles and a good play on words. I also imagine that it elicits a certain sense of vertigo in the right mindset. More here: … Continue reading

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Tara Donovan: Constructed Surfaces Volumes and Landscapes

Tara Donovan manipulates mundane materials into massive constructions, landscapes and volumes that transcend the material they are created from. Paper plates, plastic cups, pencils and the like become the individual motifs of a larger naturalistic pattern.

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Aerial Landscapes: Gerco de Ruijter

There is something otherworldly about Gerco de Ruijter’s Photographs. The patterns he captures from the Dutch landscape show a strange natural beauty in the regulated agriculture of the nurseries he documents. 

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Manuel Rivera

Manuel Rivera is an artist that I caught a glimpse of for one hour in a foreign land and was only able to bring back a catalog filled with images accompanied by words in a language I do not speak. … Continue reading

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Brick Carpet Loom

When I re-do my driveway, I want this machine and I don’t care if its not cost-effective and won’t even fit in my yard. This is a fantastic toy. I saw this over at Gizmodo last week and I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Textile Landscapes

I’m a fan of artwork that is topographical or topological. (topical, not so much) Sometimes I like to think of the Earth’s surface as a slow moving textile. Its the flexible plastic layer that drapes on top of the mantle … Continue reading

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