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Spiders Under the Influence

There’s been a lot of talk lately about spider silk. Shawls made from spider silk. Genetically modified goats that produce spider silk milk. Its super ¬†strong stuff and incredibly interesting for the future of high performance textiles. Great stuff, but … Continue reading

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Magnetic Curtain

This magnetic curtain captured my imagination today. The geometric structure with a grid of magnets enables you to place, form and bunch up the curtain as you see fit. Functional object meets origami meets amazingly fun toy. From Designer Florian … Continue reading

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Sol Lewitt: Recent Installations

I’ve been an uncomfortable fan of Sol Lewitt ever since I discovered him in college. I’d pour through his catalogs and books, enjoying the way he created systems and worked them through to the end. The books were intimate looks … Continue reading

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Tara Donovan: Constructed Surfaces Volumes and Landscapes

Tara Donovan manipulates mundane materials into massive constructions, landscapes and volumes that transcend the material they are created from. Paper plates, plastic cups, pencils and the like become the individual motifs of a larger naturalistic pattern.

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Girli Concrete

I love this textile patterned concrete from Girli Concrete, which is a R&D project of the Tactility Factory in Belfast, Ireland. What’s really interesting here is that the fabric has been embedded into the surface of the concrete to both … Continue reading

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Sharkskin, Herringbone, and Houndstooth

I’m currently going through a mid-life clothing crisis. I’m dressing a little too… frumpy, sloppy, casual. Its not that I don’t want to look stylish, its that I’m lazy about dressing and given the choice between the old comfy knit … Continue reading

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For the longest time I believed a sharkskin suit was actually made from sharkskin. What did I know? I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. I eventually figured it out. Sharkskin does show up in textiles often as a point of … Continue reading

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Aerial Landscapes: Gerco de Ruijter

There is something otherworldly about Gerco de Ruijter’s Photographs. The patterns he captures from the Dutch landscape show a strange natural beauty in the regulated agriculture of the nurseries he documents.¬†

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Ngrams for the Textile Nerds.

Here for your amusement and conversation are some Textile related Google Book Ngrams. Discuss.

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Tomas Saraceno

I’m jealous of Tomas Saraceno’s work. Its true. His installations of molecular dream-scapes made of bungie cords and rope make me want to drop everything, stock up on screw-eyes and cord and go to town out in my studio making … Continue reading

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