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Making Denim for Roy

Thank you , Internets, for the steady flow of videos that celebrate the construction of textiles. This one turned up a few days ago via twitter:¬†@lbruning¬†and I think i’ve watched it 20 times already. Back in June, I was first … Continue reading

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Roy Denim

THIS is Textilesmithing. Roy makes jeans. He doesn’t slap his label on a sweatshop manufactured piece of shoddy workmanship and charge a mint for them. Roy smiths jeans. He takes denim, thread, rivets, and buttons, and with the great skill … Continue reading

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The Beauty of the Weaving Mill

I’ve spent many hours standing in front of vibrating shaking rumbling industrial weaving machines during trial runs watching, with fascination, how the fabric comes together. Paramount Textiles must have been watching the same thing, because they put together this excellent … Continue reading

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Lexus 3-D weaving

They oversell the technology a bit, it looks like they’re braiding tubes but the implication is they are weaving cars. Maybe they can’t show all of the technology for fear of idea theft, but it looks like they bought a … Continue reading

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Sewing + Space Invaders + Zoetrope!

“I sewed you a zoetrope” says Moxie This makes me happy for no good reason. [via Boing Boing]

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Brick Carpet Loom

When I re-do my driveway, I want this machine and I don’t care if its not cost-effective and won’t even fit in my yard. This is a fantastic toy. I saw this over at Gizmodo last week and I couldn’t … Continue reading

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