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Armor Fabric

Sometimes I dream of the day when we all live in modern settings and only need to wear one piece of do-everything clothing. It comes from watching too much Star Trek. I imagine their jumpsuits to be a futuristic textile … Continue reading

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Louise Bourgeois Textile Drawings

Well this is interesting; There is a Louise Bourgeois textile art show in London through December. As usual I’ll have to live vicariously through the Internet, but for you jet setters, or people living in London, here’s something to see … Continue reading

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Brick Carpet Loom

When I re-do my driveway, I want this machine and I don’t care if its not cost-effective and won’t even fit in my yard. This is a fantastic toy. I saw this over at Gizmodo last week and I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Textile Landscapes

I’m a fan of artwork that is topographical or topological. (topical, not so much) Sometimes I like to think of the Earth’s surface as a slow moving textile. Its the flexible plastic layer that drapes on top of the mantle … Continue reading

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Spacesuits are handmade.

I’m a sucker for anything NASA, especially anything from the Apollo Program. I have been since I was a kid. After Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, my biggest childhood heroes were Buzz Aldrain and Niel Armstrong. So after I got … Continue reading

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Textiles are cool.

Seriously. Textiles are cool. They enhance and protect our bodies. They encase and decorate the cushioning in our furniture. They soften the blow of our steps on the floor. They insulate windows from light and heat and cold. They can … Continue reading

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