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Milestones and Benchmarks

Sometime last night or in the wee early hours of this morning, Textilesmithing reached 5000 clicks during this, its 6th month of existence. Its a Milestone, big for now, hopefully a speed bump in the future looking back. Its been … Continue reading

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The Beauty of the Weaving Mill

I’ve spent many hours standing in front of vibrating shaking rumbling industrial weaving machines during trial runs watching, with fascination, how the fabric comes together. Paramount Textiles must have been watching the same thing, because they put together this excellent … Continue reading

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Oslo Opera House Curtains

To be honest, my appreciation of Opera is limited to Looney Tunes parodies and Fitzcarraldo‘s obsession with bringing Enrico Caruso to Peru. I make my annual Valentines day trip to the Opera, but never really have been a super huge … Continue reading

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Bicycle Tires are Rubber Coated Textiles

Its time to change gears here at Textilesmithing. I’ve been looking at and writing about a lot of Art lately here on this blog and I’m sure there will be more writing about Art. However, one the reasons I started this blog was to look at textiles that are functional, textiles that enhance performance. Engineered textiles.

Last week over at Velonews there was a story about three things I love: Bicycles, Handmade Equipment, and Textiles. It was a story about FMB, a company that hand builds tubular tires that are so good, they’ve been on bikes that won Paris-Roubaix. At this point many of you are probably already asking “wait, what is a tubular tire and what is Paris-Roubaix?” Continue reading

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