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Sharkskin, Herringbone, and Houndstooth

I’m currently going through a mid-life clothing crisis. I’m dressing a little too… frumpy, sloppy, casual. Its not that I don’t want to look stylish, its that I’m lazy about dressing and given the choice between the old comfy knit … Continue reading

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Textile Book Club: Reference Materials

I love a well organized reference book that is industry specific. I can page through Electrical and Plumbing manuals with fascination and pleasure the way i can read Atlases and Travel guides cover to cover. I recently spent hours paging … Continue reading

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Lexus 3-D weaving

They oversell the technology a bit, it looks like they’re braiding tubes but the implication is they are weaving cars. Maybe they can’t show all of the technology for fear of idea theft, but it looks like they bought a … Continue reading

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Textile Book Club: Matilda McQuaid

Sometimes books change the way you think about your craft. I thought I’d start highlighting some books and exhibition catalogs that reset the way I thought about the potentiality of textiles, or re-opened doors I hadn’t considered for some time. … Continue reading

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Stormy Kromer

Living in Michigan necessitates an ample collection of headgear choices. Winters can go from mild to face freezing in a matter of hours, and inversely, what works in the winter may boil your head in the fall and spring. For … Continue reading

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Ngrams for the Textile Nerds.

Here for your amusement and conversation are some Textile related Google Book Ngrams. Discuss.

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Felt, Intersecting

I was reminded of Pauline Verbeek-Cowart‘s Felt Lace X-Change yesterday when I checked in on the Cooper Hewitt Design Blog. I first encountered this fabric years ago when visiting Bethanne Knudson at the Oriole Mill to see what was going … Continue reading

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