Making Denim for Roy

Thank you , Internets, for the steady flow of videos that celebrate the construction of textiles. This one turned up a few days ago via twitter: @lbruning and I think i’ve watched it 20 times already.

Back in June, I was first introduced to Roy’s work by way of an excellent video that showed his mastery of the craft. Now he’s working with Cone Mills, who has a long history with Denim, to create the perfect fabric for a 100% american hand made pair of jeans. They’re making the denim almost the same as they did 50+ years ago, probably on some of the same equipment and that’s the great thing about textiles: For all of the advances made in the industry, some things stay the same, and thats all right.

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1 Response to Making Denim for Roy

  1. ataylorsews says:

    That was great. I checked out his website and all his videos. Very impressive story. Very impressive production line. I can only dream!

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